For my 25th birthday, I decided to treat myself to three months on My intent was to date 30 men in 90 days but I soon learned that “fieldwork” can become quite addictive… especially when it involves cocktails, stilettos and a seemingly unending supply of eligible bachelors!

Click here to start at the beginning or scroll down for a few highlights.

Date #1:

The First Marathon:

Rules and How to Break Them:

New Month? New Men!:

A Dating Double Header: Dates #10 and #11:

Date #12:

Date #13:

Frequently Asked Questions about Frequent Online Dates:

Date #14:

A Quaker Serial Dater:

A Gentleman’s Guide to Wooing Women:

Date #16:

Twenty Nine Dates:

Thirtieth Time’s a Charm:

The Importance of Eating Sushi:

Sex and the Parental Abode:

10 Reasons for Ridin’ Solo:

My Continued Adventures on eHARMony:

Remember Date #7?:

The Wedding Date That Wasn’t Mine:

Of High Heels and Mudslides:

Kat Richter

4 thoughts on “Manthropology

  1. so…what would your advice be to a 20 year old girl who is only attracted to men who don’t want to be in relationships? i’ve always been incredibly independent (and sadly, I’ve found out that’s a rare thing) and have been perfectly happy being single. yet everyone else seems to think that’s odd. i won’t go on a date unless i’m completely crazy about someone.

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