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36 Ways to Deal with Unwanted Pubic Hair

Last week, for the benefit of those of you with whom I am not Facebook Friends, I posted the following: Okay ladies… bikini waxing? How do we feel? Seeing as I’m going to be wearing a bikini every day for the next week, I’m considering it but a) I think its gonna hurt, b) I think its gonna be expensive and c) I’ve never had one before so I’m worried that I’m gonna have some sort of adverse reaction and be stuck on a cruise ship looking even worse than before. Thoughts? Also, how long does it last? Will I need a touch up mid-week? The response was almost enough to make me give up blogging.  I received 36 comments for something that took me all of ten seconds to write!  And here I spend hours painstakingly crafting interesting blog posts for your amusement—hmmmph! At any rate, enjoy.  (And for those of who already saw this thread, scroll down to the end to see which option I finally picked!) Jim: I cant wait to read …