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make your own business cards

The Idiot’s Guide to Making Your Own Business Cards

Seeing as the entire point of my trip to Colorado for the TBEX conference was to network, it kind of sucked when I ran out of business cards on Friday night. Actually, it really sucked.  The conference hadn’t even started yet!  And yet there I was, on the top of a mountain with nary a Staples in sight.  To make matters worse, I hate networking.  Most people think I’m a natural extrovert but the truth of the matter is, I’m painfully shy and there’s nothing that frightens me more than entering a room full of people I don’t know and having to introduce myself. I realized I had two choices.  I could be that lame-o who walks around ripping pages out of a notebook scribbling her info as she mutters her apologies.  Or I could make a statement.  And make my own cards. I opted for the latter. Unfortunately, as lovely as my room was at Vail Resorts, it wasn’t equipped with a craft room.  And I hadn’t brought any scissors with me, let alone …