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Mary Ellen Mark

Prom: Awkward Teenagers at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

For all the hullabaloo of my Senior Prom and the associated hoopla of the central New Jersey homeschool community, I’m not sure that going to prom is an experience I’d ever like to repeat.  Sure, it was fun helping my mom with the centerpieces and dragging my long suffering Canadian boyfriend with me but between the dress (which I made myself), the actual event (which I spent moping around in anticipation of missing my boyfriend when he returned to Montreal) and the after party (which consisted of A Knight’s Tale and a dozen friends crashing on the living room floor), the entire experience was rather anticlimactic. But old habits die hard.  I went to not one but four proms in high school and ended up in tears over so-and-so not asking me to dance more times than not.  In college, I joined the Social Planning Committee about seven minutes after I arrived on campus, thus earning myself the distinction of the only freshman able to score two tickets to the annual Goucher College Gala, and …