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Throwback Thursday: Introducing Abuela Esther

It took some digging but I finally found my first ever post about my grandmother.  This was written in the days before she moved in with us (and before her Alzheimer’s was in full swing).  Enjoy.  We will return to our regularly scheduled programming (by which I mean me whining about the demise of my relationship with TWD) tomorrow. As the first of two consecutive days off, today should have been a good day—but then I decided to go to the mall with my grandmother.  Having been up since 5:00am, I can’t say that I was thinking too clearly.  Instead, I was zooming through my To Do list (Revisions to my editor at Dance Teacher Magazine? Check!  Weekly gchat with my friend in Lyon?  Check!  Self-loathing about the failure of my new skin care products, the progress of my first book and the fact that I’m a Sales Associate?  Check!).  All things considered, I was feeling pretty productive so when my mom suggested I take a break and come to mall, I said, “Sure.  Why not?” …

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My Abuela, the Cougar

Today’s post is going to be a short one because I’m on senior-sitting detail all day.  My parents are headed to Toms River to bring my grandfather back to Philadelphia, which means that Abuela and I are going to have the house all to ourselves. We’re still considering our options at this point but I think we’re going to have a party.  Why?  Well, to put it frankly, my grandmother is becoming a cougar. I don’t think she even realizes it (that’s the beauty of Alzheimer’s) but you should see her when we’re out in public. Take Wednesday, for example.  I had to go to the bank to deposit some checks and I brought her along with me because she’s training to be a long-distance walker for the next Olympics.  (At least that’s the only possibly explanation I can come up with.) Our particularly Wells Fargo branch has several rather nice-looking male employees and she of course had to turn a well-meaning “Good morning” from one of them into a full-blown conversation while I was …

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Reasons (Not) to Get Married

I watch enough reality TV to know that there are some very stupid reasons to get married.  That hasn’t stopped me, however, from compiling the following list: (Keep in mind its late and I’ve just come from baking 160 cookies for Parent Observation Night at the studio.) Health Insurance: The Wedding Date works for the state.  He has good health insurance.  I work for myself.  I do not.  My current plan is simply “Don’t get sick.” Water Pressure: The Wedding Date has an amazing shower.  Because he’s a neat freak, it’s always clean and the water pressure is to die for.  Seriously.  I could spend hours in his shower. Vacuuming: The Wedding Date actually enjoys vacuuming.  He says it makes him feel zen.  I have tried to cultivate a zen attitude while vacuuming on numerous occasions but now that I can’t vacuum in the nude, it’s not nearly as fun as it used to be.  (Who am I kidding?  Vacuuming is never fun.  I hate it with a passion.) My Grandmother: I had breakfast with …