Day: October 19, 2012


A Revelation in Ikea

I’m ogling bedspreads at Ikea when it finally hits me: I’m staying. Staying here. In the US. In Philadelphia. Not moving back to London. It’s like a brick.  And not because it hurts but because it’s so solid, so certain, so “Duh!  Where have you been for the past three years?  You’re holding auditions for a freaking dance company tomorrow!” For the longest time I’ve kept my passport in my desk drawer, ready to go at a moment’s notice.  I still have my NHS card, my Oyster card, even the top up card for my mobile phone and the phone itself tucked into an old makeup bag for safe keeping with the remaining pounds I brought home from my last trip across the pond. In the three years that have passed since I completed my MA and moved back to the US, I haven’t bothered to close out my Barclay’s account or even to transfer funds.  (The damn thing was so difficult to open that I’ll probably never actually close it but I should probably …