Day: October 15, 2012

jet pack

The Kat-apult

I have an idea.  A really good idea.  Better than a jet pack or a robotic pug.  (I don’t actually have any use for a robotic pug but The Wedding Date is very anti-dog so a cuddly cyborg might be the best I can hope for if we ever move in together). It came to me last night while I was on the phone with TWD.  It’s been nearly a week since we last saw each other and even though a week may not seem like a very long time, it is when you’re cold and lonely and sleepy and stressed out.  A week is forever then. “Can’t you come over?” I whined, knowing full well that the 90 minutes drive was out of the question at such an hour. “You come over here,” he replied.  “My bed’s bigger and less squeaky.” “But my bed is warm and I’m already in it!” “Yes, well I’m already in mine too.” “If only you had a jet pack,” I mused.  “Then you could be here in a …