Day: October 10, 2012

vintage pajamas

Soccer Mom PJs

A while back, we had a slight incident at The Wedding Date’s house.  His children were over, a door that should have been locked wasn’t and… well, without going into details I realized it was time to invest in some grown up pajamas. And this time I mean “grown up” in the maternal sense. I bought a blue and black capris-and-tank top combo in addition to a knee-length nightgown.  I’m not generally a fan of nightgowns—I’m not a fan of grown up pajamas period— but this one has a little ruffle around the collar so you can’t tell whether I’m wearing a bra or not. I’ve taken to referring to my new duds as my “soccer mom pjs.”  They’re comfortable but they’re not particularly sexy… which is, of course, the entire point. I’ve also started bringing a change of clothes into the bathroom with me when I shower, lest I find myself running around the house in a towel when TWD’s kids are around. Finally, I’ve selected a half dozen “soccer mom outfits” from my …