Day: October 8, 2012

Thanksgiving Modern Family

Finally: A Date to the Hooper’s Island Martini Bar Soiree

It’s finally happening.  After two years, 31 men and over one hundred dates, I’ve finally landed myself a proper boyfriend to join me at the annual Hooper’s Island Black Friday Martini Bar Soiree. For those of you who are just joining us, the Black Friday Martini Bar Soiree is the social event of the season on Hooper’s Island—mainly because the island has no real season and social events are generally limited to muskrat BBQ’s at the local fire station or emergency evacuations during hurricane season. But no matter.  The Black Friday Martini Bar Soiree is one of my favorite holidays, second only to the New Years Eve Martini Bar Soiree.  (Are we sensing a theme here?)  It’s our family’s version of Thanksgiving (which we celebrate on Friday instead of Thursday because of my dad’s work schedule) and after dinner we play Taboo or light a bonfire and I always end up drinking way too much because I manage to convince myself that martinis are less calories than stuffing… I haven’t had a date to Thanksgiving …