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Friday Facebook Round Up: What is Up with Your Pants?

I’m too tired to write about what happened on Wednesday night when I decided to drive over to The Wedding Date’s house and talk things over, but I’ll give you a hint: I’m still here and its now Friday morning.

I promise to provide a proper update on Monday but in the mean time, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to comment on Wednesday’s post.  I really appreciate all your support, insight and words of encouragement.

And now, for today’s amusement, you can check out my latest pieces over at (just click on the photos):

Conquer fear of rejection

Dating U: Conquering Your Fear of Rejection

Foolproof Breakfast in Bed

Or, simply enjoy the following:

See you Monday and have a great weekend!

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Hi! My name is Kat Richter and I’m a writer, dancer and professor of anthropology. I live in Philadelphia with my boyfriend, PIC (aka Partner in Crime) and I started writing this blog to keep myself from going insane when I realized that an MA in Dance Anthropology wasn't the most obvious route to gainful employment. I like to talk travel, design, relationships, writing and a whole host of other things, some funny, some serious, which I like to call "fieldwork."

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