Day: September 12, 2012

Anti NJ

Sometimes You’ve Got to Fix Your Mascara without a Mirror

I get it.  Relationships are about compromise.  And compromise requires both parties to give in once a while.  But as The Wedding Date and I prepare to celebrate the one year anniversary of our first date, I feel like all the things I want are getting sacrificed to what he has to have. And I’m not happy. He called me yesterday just as I was getting ready to head into work for the evening and asked, “How much time do you have?  Oh.  Only fifteen minutes?  Well maybe I’ll tell you later.” As you all know, “later” is never an option with a prelude like that.  So he told me then and I was right: state workers are required to reside in the state in which they work.  In other words, our plans for happily-ever-after are basically f*cked. It wouldn’t matter if he worked in Pennsylvania—the state of Philadelphia, of me, and of all things wonderful— but he works in New Jersey and having grown up in New Jersey, I have less than no desire …