No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed!

five little monkeysSometimes writing a blog can be a bad thing.  You wake up at 6:00am and think to yourself, “Crap.  It’s Wednesday.  I need to say something today.  And that something has to be at least marginally entertaining/coherent/free-of-typos.”

I often find myself wishing I’d never started Fieldwork in Stilettos— it’s gotten me into trouble at work, it’s gotten me into trouble with my friends and it’s gotten me into trouble in my romantic entanglements—but today is not one of those days.

Today is one of those days when I am happy to have a blog.


Well, blogs give you the ability to communicate.

And blogs give you the ability to communicate things you would rather not communicate.

And even though this blog isn’t anonymous, I feel somehow safer admitting things here than I do in the real world.

So here goes.



The Wedding Date and I are breaking furniture again.

Except this time it wasn’t a chair on the roof deck.

This time it was the bed in the guest room at the house on Hooper’s Island.

We are very sorry.

And we tried very hard to fix it.

We even used a measuring tape and proper tools (well, a tree stump and some duct tape…).

In our defense, it is a rather old bed.  And you could have warned me of the preexisting crack on the lower right hand corner…

In fact, you’re pretty lucky that we haven’t decided to sue you.

(Like how I did that?)

At any rate, rest assured: we will be much more careful in the future.

And we really are very sorry.



PS: I’m guessing that posts such as these may be the reason my aunt can no longer bring herself to read my blog so I apologize for any offense caused but I am 27… and surely we’re not the only couple in the universe that this has happened to?

16 thoughts on “No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed!

    • Aww, thanks Jenn! Btw, after our little “incident” we moved to the front bedroom until we could make repairs and your sister was right: the wires hitting the roof above that window DO sound exactly like… you know…! I woke up around 6:00am, realized TWD was no longer beside me and eventually found him standing in the yard, fully dressed, scratching his head and muttering “What the hell???”

  1. Ahhh, I think we have warned you about that bed, it definitely had a crack in the OLD brass frame. Every time one moved it, one had to be very careful. We’ll send you a bill ;)

    Your aunt is missing out, and yes you are 27, and doing things they probably did but can’t remember ;)

    This was funny!

  2. No, you’re not the only couple that has ever happened to. Although probably the funniest time that I was involved with breaking a bed was when Adam was helping put me to sleep during a party (I almost always get tired before the party is over and Adam puts me to bed and goes back to our friends). We walked into the bedroom (or stumbled more like…) and he told me to crawl into bed. I took that to mean take a running leap and dive onto the bed. And so I did. And it was an Ikea bed, which if you’ve ever owned one, then you are aware how poorly they are crafted. It broke and I couldn’t stop laughing. Then I realized that I didn’t have anywhere to sleep. lol.

    In that same apartment we had these really loud upstairs neighbors. They were always going at it and their bedroom was right above ours so we were forced to listen to them. Not so much fun. One day we heard them going at it and then there was a really loud noise. Turned out that they broke–not the bed, but the FLOOR!!! That was fun because it meant that every morning for several weeks we woke up to the sounds of construction coming from above.

    I’m so glad that we no longer live in an apartment.

  3. Haha! It has happened to me (shame face). My twin bed in college, and you’ve seen my husband (then boyfriend). Luckily, I had no explaining to do. I propped up the broken leg with books from a previous course. I did read them! I wasn’t just breaking my bed all the time.

    • Hah! Totally! Btw, I am soooo behind on your blog. The other day, TWD was like, “So did you hear about Zak and his new girlfriend?” And I was like “Nooooo! Omg! Yay! Good for him :) ” My WordPress subscriptions have been really screwy lately (I’m not even getting emails when people comment anymore) so I’ve fallen behind but I am looking forward to catching up!

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