Day: September 5, 2012

five little monkeys

No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed!

Sometimes writing a blog can be a bad thing.  You wake up at 6:00am and think to yourself, “Crap.  It’s Wednesday.  I need to say something today.  And that something has to be at least marginally entertaining/coherent/free-of-typos.” I often find myself wishing I’d never started Fieldwork in Stilettos— it’s gotten me into trouble at work, it’s gotten me into trouble with my friends and it’s gotten me into trouble in my romantic entanglements—but today is not one of those days. Today is one of those days when I am happy to have a blog. Why? Well, blogs give you the ability to communicate. And blogs give you the ability to communicate things you would rather not communicate. And even though this blog isn’t anonymous, I feel somehow safer admitting things here than I do in the real world. So here goes. Mom…? Pop…? The Wedding Date and I are breaking furniture again. Except this time it wasn’t a chair on the roof deck. This time it was the bed in the guest room at the …