Day: September 3, 2012

broken heart

Bird Shat and Break Ups

So I’m standing at the bus stop, minding my own business, when my partner in crime alerts me to the fact that I have yogurt stain on my shirt. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t be a big deal but A) it’s one of my favorite shirts (teal silk, second hand but still…) B) I’m headed into New York for a film shoot thanks to my 30-man, 100-date experiment and C) I haven’t had any yogurt today. “Maybe it’s…” her voice trails off before she can name the unspeakable horror that has landed itself in the middle of my chest. But we both know what she’s thinking.  This is Philadelphia—a city—and there are birds. “It’s good luck!” she concludes. I love this notion of “good luck.”  Its like how they say having rain on your wedding day is supposed to bring good luck.  I mean who decided that?  “Hey, don’t worry!  Your outdoor reception is ruined, and your gown is caked in mud, but you have 50 years of wedding bliss to look forward to!  How fabulous!” I …