Day: August 22, 2012

public displays of affection

Get a Room!

The Wedding Date and I are currently in Bermuda– sans internet— but don’t worry.  I wrote the following last week so you’d have a little something to tide you over until we get back. I’m at my favorite coffee shop, and even though I love the drinks, love the ambiance and love the music, I hate the clientele.  My ideal coffee shop, actually, would be a private coffee shop (I believe most people call these “offices”) but until I land a book deal, publish a best seller and make enough money to purchase my dream home in Queen Village (I have it already picked out, in case you were wondering), I’m stuck here. Fortunately, I love people watching.  In fact, if people watching was an Olympic Sport, I could give Phelps a run for his money.  But it’s not, so I’m left to hone my craft on days such as these. Today’s floor show began with a little brat in ringlets and a striped romper.  First she wanted a donut, then she wanted a bagel, …