Day: August 15, 2012

funny golf outfits

How to Be In the Olympics When You’re Old

So far, being 27 is pretty cool.  I went to yoga on Monday night, am going again this evening and have scheduled one-hour massage for Thursday so that I’ll be in tip top shape by the time The Wedding Date and I depart for our cruise on Friday. I had a great birthday complete with great friends, great presents and a great round of mini golf (in fact, I’m never golfing again without my bedazzled golf club). As far as I can tell, there are only two bad things about having finally turned 27. Firstly, as you may know, I am, as far as my cleavage is concerned, the exact opposite of well endowed.  Flat at a pancake would not be inaccurate, and whenever sheer desperation compels me to purchase a bra with a reasonable cup size, I eventually realize that I’ve been duped again: you can’t make something out of nothing. But I’ve never lost hope.  “Maybe next year,” has been my unwavering mantra. But it’s been fifteen years of “Maybe next year.” Age …