Day: August 8, 2012

trying on a thong

You Want Me to Wear WHAT?

Okay, before we get started with today’s post, a bit of housekeeping.  Firstly, I have published a new piece in Skirt Magazine called “What My Preschoolers Taught Me about Shopping like a Grown Up.”  At least that’s what it was supposed to be called.  The editor thought the title was a bit long (can’t imagine why…) but it’s still a fun read for those of you who have enjoyed my stories about The School and all of the little beach balls who have come tumbling in and out of my classroom for the past two years. Secondly, I have finally caved to mounting pressures to get serious about my blog and my relationships with all of you, since without you I’d probably have descended into complete insanity by now.   To this end, I am launching an official e-newsletter. That’s right: a newsletter. It’s going to be fabulous, and infrequent, unlike the seemingly hourly dispatches I’ve been receiving from The Body Shop after signing up for their loyalty card… It will include links to my latest …