Day: July 30, 2012

Sense and Sensibility

Romance: The Blooper Reel

One of my favorite scenes from Sense and Sensibility is when Kate Winslet’s character gets lost in the rain (thanks to her insatiable passion for the scoundrel Willoughby) and has to be rescued by Colonel Brandon.  Alan Rickman plays the slightly senior but nonetheless dashing Colonel Brandon and he sweeps poor Kate/Marianne into his arms and carries her back to the house, where she nearly dies of an infectious fever while he waits by her bedside, driven half mad by his own helplessness. Over the past few months, I have come to believe that nice relationships are invariably preferable to infectious fevers (not to mention insatiable passions for unscrupulous men) but I still love that scene. Which is why, when I fell asleep on The Wedding Date’s couch after a particularly taxing day spent with my students in Ocean City, I nearly died of happiness when I realized that he was kneeling down beside me in order to facilitate the process of carrying me to bed. He doesn’t usually carry me to bed, you see.  …