Day: July 25, 2012

singing karaoke

And Now He Wants Me to SING with Him?

I’ve discovered something truly terrible about The Wedding Date.  Something I don’t know that I can accept.  Something I’m not sure we’ll be able to overcome.  The Wedding Date, dear readers, likes karaoke. This is a problem because we’re going on a cruise next month.  Cruises have karaoke and not only is The Wedding Date planning to sing but he wants me to sing with him. Allow me to shed some light onto my illustrious musical career thus far: Grace Lutheran Church, circa 1997: I joined the church choir with my mother, only to discover that I was an alto, not a soprano as I’d previously hoped.  Thanks to my inability to read music, however, and the fact that there were only two altos in the entire choir, I always had to stand next to one of the sopranos and was forever drifting into singing the melody by mistake. Freehold Music Center, circa 1999: I auditioned for my first musical and was cast as one of Cinderella’s step sisters in a community theater production of …