Day: July 11, 2012

ten thousand villages wedding card

Wedding Stationary? What Wedding Stationary?

We’re in The Wedding Date’s car on our way out of town for the weekend when it suddenly hits me. “Oh my God I forgot to tell you!” I exclaim. “What?” “They’re having a clearance sale at Ten Thousand Villages—including stationary!” The Wedding Date fails to comprehend the importance of this statement but with my friends getting engaged by the dozen these days, I’ve been spending an ungodly amount of money on Ten Thousand Villages stationary. This is because Ten Thousand Villages stationary is the best.  Its fair trade and handmade and—wait for it—the wedding cards come with little bride and groom figurines on the front made out of recycled soda bottles by an artisans’ collective in Kenya!  They’re so pretty that the card itself is practically a gift—at least that’s what one of the sales associates told me when I purchased my first for Date #7’s brother’s wedding last fall.  “These cards are a great choice,” he assured me, “you can frame them afterwards” and seeing as said associate was extremely well-dressed and sporting …