Day: July 9, 2012


Just Call Me Julie Andrews

Most women, upon finding themselves alone in their boyfriend’s house for the afternoon, would take advantage of the opportunity to snoop.  But not me: I’m rearranging furniture.  And drinking tea in the living room, and walking around the house with my shoes on instead neatly piled next to the front door but what can I say? I’m a free spirit. And I’ve decided that his children need a bit of free spiritedness in their lives too, so I’ve taken it upon myself to become the Maria to their father’s Captain Von Trapp, starting with the patio furniture. The Wedding Date has an adorable little patio off of his living room.  It’s nothing fancy—just a little alcove beneath a green wooden roof and a rickety glass-topped table surrounded by shrubs and shade-giving trees—but it’s been calling to me since my first visit back in November. This morning, a few hours after The Wedding Date and his kids left for a three-day gaming convention in North Jersey, it said, “Kat… please come out and play!  You can …