Day: July 4, 2012

Female working out

Don’t Go to Body Pump with Your Mother

With The Wedding Date still alive and our cruise to Bermuda just a month and a half away, I decided to accompany my mother to the Y yesterday for a back-to-back combo of Zumba and Body Pump.  Unfortunately the Zumba teacher didn’t show up so it ended up being back-to-back elliptical and Body Pump and there are few things I hate more than the elliptical, especially when said elliptical happens to be in a small, crowded, windowless room full of sweaty folk and their obnoxious children running around and occasionally on the treadmills. But The Wedding Date goes running at least three times a week.  And now he’s doing push-ups and I’m nothing if not competitive (especially when it comes to bathing suit season) so I forced myself onto the machine for a 30-minute cardio session. Eight minutes in, I got a cramp.  I persevered, however, because the best thing about cruising with Royal Caribbean is the food and according to my rather twisted calculations concerning the benefits of pre-emptive exercise, the more I work …