Day: June 22, 2012

rescue turtle

My Boyfriend The Turtle Whisperer

The Wedding Date is not an animal person, which is why I thought I was dreaming when he pulled over en route to Hooper’s Island to rescue a turtle. But I wasn’t dreaming.  He stopped the car, walked into the middle of the road and tapped the turtle on its shell.  (Evidently that’s what you’re supposed to do to make sure that the turtle isn’t an ungrateful little creature who is going to turn around and bite you finger off.)  He then proceeded to carry the turtle to safety and sent it off with a stern “Now stay out of the road, little guy!” I was so touched that I could have kissed him.  Actually, I’m pretty sure I did kiss him.  I love animals, you see.  When I met one of The Wedding Date’s co-workers and his wife earlier this year, I spent the whole time playing with their dogs instead of doing the whole goo-goo ga-ga thing with their baby like a normal person. But The Wedding Date isn’t a big fan of …